Navagrah Pooja

There are nine planets in space, which are believed to exercise a strong influence on the lives of the people. These are together known as the Navagrahas.

  1.  Sun or Surya can be considered as the visible God. He is the head of the Navagrahas and the most powerful among them, and it is around the Sun that all other planets are enshrined in temples. He can bestow good health and prosperity on people. Shiva is his overlord.
  2. Moon or Chandra is the closest to our earth in space. Moon’s importance can be seen by the fact that the star and the zodiac sign in which he remains at the time of birth, becomes the person’s birth star and birth sign respectively. He rules the mind and can give one success. His overlord is Parvati.
  3. Mars or Mangal is an aggressive planet, who can provide people with courage with leadership, power and properties. Muruga is his ruling Lord.
  4. Mercury or Budha is the planet of buddhi or intellect, and he can bestow people with wisdom and communication skills. He is ruled over by Maha Vishnu.
  5. Guru or Jupiter is the universal teacher, who can bless people with education and knowledge. He can also clear negativities and cure ailments. Dakshinamurthy is his overlord.
  6. Venus or Shukra can enrich people with an artistic temperament, marital bliss and a life of comfort. Lakshmi is the Goddess who rules over him.
  7. Saturn or Shani is perhaps the most feared of planets, as he can cause great adversity in life. Though a tough task-master, he is fair and when pleased, can minimize hardships and give happiness. Yama, the lord of death, is said to be his ruler.
  8. Rahu though considered malefic, can make a person stronger and provide material benefits. It is Durga Mata who rules him.
  9. Ketu can grant philosophical wisdom and lead one towards spirituality. When favorably placed, he can also remove adversity and bestow prosperity.

These planetary lords are the principal deities of this 9 Planet or Navagraha Puja. It is believed that this worship can please these powerful divinities and that can manifest as many benefits in the lives of the devotees.


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