Satyanarayan Katha

Satyanarayan Katha also known as Satyanarayan Vrat. Lord Satyanarayan is one of the most commonly worshipped forms of Lord Vishnu, widely revered by the Hindu religion everywhere. This is one form of Lord Vishnu that has been worshipped as the embodiment of faith and truth, popular amongst all Vishnu believers and devotees. A ritual that is performed by people on several major occasions like housewarming, marriage etc., and this puja can be done at home on any day regardless of reason. It is the first mentioned ritual in the Skanda Purana of Hindus. The Satyanarayan Katha is generally done on the day of Purnima (Full Moon) which is believed to be really fortunate.

Benefits of Satyanarayan Katha

  • Bestows peace, harmony, and prosperity in one’s family.
  • Protects one from the evil eye, enemies and negative energy.
  • Performing this puja¬†helps one to overcome any obstacle and hurdles they come across in life and helps one fulfil their dreams.

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